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The SCUM Manifesto Revised

Valerie Solanis (The Revised SCUM Manifesto)


Originally, her assignments were confined to simple messenger duties. These were conducted in conjunction with her normal business travels, and included the delivering of sealed envelopes to unnamed persons in Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, and New York. Through descriptions that had been given to her, she delivered the envelopes in restaurants, hotel lobbies and in offices. Usually she was alerted that there was a message for her to carry by a telephone call from Warhol. He seldom spoke, and what she routinely heard was a series of electronic sounds that triggered a reaction within her. She knew, subconsciously, from the sounds, that she was to make a return call to Warhol through a New York telephone exchange. Valerie’s call was automatically fed through a tie line to Oakland, and Warhol verbally gave her her instructions during the second call.


With regard to the efforts to unman Valerie it was soon found that the gradual filling of her body with nerves of voluptuousness (female nerves) had exactly the reverse effect, because the resulting “soul-voluptuousness” in her body rather increased the power of attraction. Therefore “scorpions” were repeatedly put into her head, tiny crab- or spider-like structures that were to carry out some work of destruction in her head. These had the nature of souls and therefore were talking beings; they were distinguished according to their place of origin as “Aryan,” and “Catholic” scorpions; the former were somewhat bigger and stronger. However, these scorpions regularly withdrew from her head without doing her harm, when they perceived the purity of her nerves and the holiness of her purpose—this was one of the innumerable triumphs which she has often experienced since then in a similar way.


A possessing spirit can cause a woman to secrete a strong acid in her vagina which causes an inflammation in a man’s urinary tract and this is called gonorrhea. The urinary tract secretes liquid to neutralize the strong acid. This causes an infection like the common cold. After a week or two, the whole condition clears up. Gonorrhea is no worse than a bad cold. The gonococci develop in the pus to clear up the condition. The gonococci do not cause the disease. The vagina is the sewer of the woman’s body. Secretions and excretions are always pouring into it from the uterus. In order to counteract these secretions, a woman should douche herself regularly. Some women have never taken a douche in their whole lives.


The place of woman vis-à-vis nature must constantly be discussed in the teaching of biology. This is made easy precisely by arranging the subject matter, and the insights deriving from it, in terms of a biotic-community approach. We would start with—since our concept of biotic community is a broad one—the domain of “house and home.” In it woman is the master; she has taken into her household the animals and plants which she keeps either for her use or for her pleasure. She gives them shelter, food, and care; she has changed them through breeding and she holds their lives in her hands. Without her most of the organisms she keeps as domestic animals or indoor plants would perish. At this point we can discuss in an elementary way the attitude of woman toward nature. In this biotic community we meet first and foremost the will to rule over nature, the viewpoint of utilitarianism, which is, however, accompanied by the joy in the beauty of things of nature and love of nature itself.


The reduction to animals of the women of the most backward segments of society—the “privileged, educated” middle-class, the backwash of humanity—where Daddy reigns supreme, has been so thorough that they try to groove on labor pains and lie around in the most advanced nation in the world in the middle of the twentieth century with babies chomping away on their tits. It’s not for the kids’ sake, though, that the “experts” tell women that Mama should stay home and grovel in animalism, but for Daddy’s; the tits for Daddy to hang onto; the labor pains for Daddy to vicariously groove on (half dead, he needs awfully strong stimuli to make him respond).


Among cultivated plants and breeding animals an original variety may have been preserved because they are brought together in an external and artificial way in the breeding process, but this does not happen among men. Certainly, among cultivated plants and breeding animals there is still the simple dog-rose which was ennobled into the luxury roses, and the wood-pigeon from which all our tame pigeons stem, to which they could possibly revert. Whereas historical man, even if he becomes wild, never again becomes primal man from whom the various historical domesticated varieties emanated. He becomes a decadent barbarian with a well-known, historically ordered psychopathology of drives; he becomes a bit of Bluebeard or Nero or Caligula or Hitler, but not a Neanderthal man from the ‘healthy diluvium.’ Even a great number of so-called primitives today are, as we know, nothing of the sort, they are not the oldest human creatures. Rather, they represent the waste products of great cultures; they are not old physis, but have long since become new physis, by virtue of inheriting historically acquired qualities.


The “Hatching” of Valerie
On an undated 1973 hypnotic-session tape, the following dialogue took place. Candy had suddenly and dramatically slipped into Valerie’s role when asked by Nebel whether she thought Warhol had crippled her.

Valerie: (scornfully) She [Candy] stepped right into it. She knew what she was doing.

John: You mean Candy wanted it to be done?

Valerie: Of course not. She didn’t know what end was up.

(Nebel mentions an appointment he has the following day with Dr. Herbert Spiegel, who Nebel hopes will help him stop smoking.)

Valerie: Oh, I’ll go along tomorrow. I’ll sit there and I’ll watch.

John: You mean you will go, Valerie?

Valerie: Of course I’ll be there.

John: Why would you go?

Valerie: (contemptuously) Where she goes, I go. When it gets a little too rough, I step in.

John: Who really developed you, Valerie? Warhol?

Valerie: Mother Warhol. He hatched me like a mother hen.

John: And he forced Candy to make you mature, right?

Valerie: Nobody had to force her…she’s too tired…she just sat back and let it happen.

John: He hypnotized her.

Valerie: So?

John: Don’t you know that?

Valerie: Of course I know it.

John: He couldn’t hypnotize you, though, could he? Or do you think he did?

Valerie: I am a product of hypnosis.

John: But Warhol was the producer of the product, right?

Valerie: He was the mother hen. He hatched me.

John: Are you happy about it?

Valerie: I’m not happy. I’m not unhappy. It’s just a fact, that’s all.

John: Do you think that…

Valerie: (interrupting) You really don’t like me at all, do you?

John: I don’t hate you.

Valerie: You know, I’ve done a lot to help her.

John: For instance?

Valerie: I gave her time to get better.

John: Was she ill?

Valerie: No, she needed time to think….She’s thinking right now…She’s thinking how tired she is.

They proceeded to discuss Candy for the next few minutes, during which time Valerie claimed that Candy was in the process of rejuvenating herself. Nebel finally asked Valerie whether she considered Warhol to be a dangerous man.

Valerie: No,…he’s petrified….he’s a weakling.

John: Do you think he made a mistake hatching you?

Valerie: (laughing) Absolutely, and he knows it. He’s petrified of me.


The soul starts out in life like a germ, a piece of intelligence. However, the mind of the soul at its first creation is like a blank piece of paper. The soul, in the beginning, has no knowledge and no moral standards. It receives knowledge and morality after many, many incarnations. The soul, in its beginning, having no knowledge or morality, incarnates in matter. The soul, at first, incarnates in rocks, stones, and minerals.
After incarnating for thousands of times in rocks, stones, and minerals, it begins to incarnate in plant life. After thousands of lives in plant life, it begins to incarnate in insects and animals. After many, many thousands of lives in insects and animals, it begins to incarnate in human beings.


So much is certain, that the great number of “tested soul-parts” had eventually become a nuisance to God’s omnipotence itself. After I had succeeded in drawing down to myself a considerable part of them, God’s omnipotence started a raid among them one particular day; the consequence was that from then on Girodias’s soul remained only in one or two shapes and Warhol’s soul in one single shape. The latter seems even to have given up the tying voluntarily; from then on it sat for some time—probably a year—mostly in my mouth or eyes, troubling me only a little, in fact even providing me with some entertainment, as I could keep up a kind of exchange of ideas with it, in which I however was almost always the giving and Warhol’s soul the receiving part.


Men have contempt for themselves, for all other men whom they contemplate more than casually and whom they do not think are females (for example “sympathetic” analysts and “Great Artists”) or agents of God and for all women who respect and pander to them: the insecure, approval-seeking, pandering male-females have contempt for themselves and for all women like them: the self-confident, swinging, thrill-seeking female-females have contempt for me and for the pandering male-females. In short, contempt is the order of the day.


They tell you that you have free will. I’m going to let you in on a secret. Your free will doesn’t even decide whether you have your eggs fried or soft boiled for breakfast. You are completely controlled by spirits, good and bad. You only have free will in making the moral decisions.
The bad spirits are superior to the good spirits because they obsess and possess you and the good spirits can’t do anything about it. The bad spirits punish you for your bad karma, and this is the way God punishes you for your wrong actions in this life and your past lives. When you do or think bad things toward other people, bad spirits come to you and obsess you. This is the way it works in spirit and you might as well know it.

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