Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shitburg Sonata

Eyes without a face
See things we shouldn’t see
The ship of plagues sets out at dawn
And carries you and me along
The mask you wear may be your own
Or someone else’s from the phone
You talk and talk and talk all day
To keep from hearing what you pay
To stay distracted stay asleep
Obey whatever brainwashed creep
Pushes you faster every day
To a life that’s death
and death is what
You have to pay
To stay alive in Shitburg.

Shitburg’s a funny town
Everyone you meet there is a fucking clown
Making plans, and planning moves
Eating friends and sucking pooves
Shitburg, it’s the place that put shit on the map
The town where life’s the same as crap
Oh Shitburg, you’re my home town!

Towers rise from cranes and beams
They’re poking up inside your dreams
You wake up in a different world
Each time you go to sleep in Shitburg

At least the stuff you hated
It’s all gone
The stuff you loved was stupid
Like this song
So come with me we’ll take a tour
Of all the eyeless faces in those
Brainless heads in Shitburg!

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